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People stay in the EESystem for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. Depending on your personal situation and desired results, it is suggested you visit us several times a week at first, then as often as you can. It is strongly recommended you do a detox bath (either full body or foot) within 24 hours of being in the EES.

What is an EESystem session?

People stay in the EESystem for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. Depending on your personal situation and desired results, it is suggested you visit us several times a week at first, then as often as you can. It is strongly recommended you do a detox bath (either full body or foot) within 24 hours of being in the EES.

How do I prepare for a session?

Basically, prepare for the greatest power nap of your life!

Sessions are simple, but we want all of your sessions to be the best they can be, so we have a few tips!

  • Dress comfortable with layers. While the room is always temperature-controlled, as the body enters the relaxation part of the nervous system, blood moves from the periphery into our internal organs. The result is feeling a little chilly as you relax.
  • Be sure you’re not hungry, but don’t eat a giant meal before your session. The rest/repair part of our nervous system also controls digestion. To optimize your energy enhancement effects, it’s good to be comfortably full, but not expending energy on digestion.
  • Drink lots of water before the session (preferably lemon water). This will help your body detoxify itself. Also, remember to drink lots of water after your session as well.
  • Come with an open heart and mind, ready to unplug, relax, and support your body’s natural healing ability.
  • Many of our clients find that while our chairs are very comfortable, a few personal items may enhance their experience. Consider bringing:
    • A blanket (or you may rent a blanket for $10.00)
    • A water bottle or travel mug with a lid
    • Ear plugs
    • Eye mask
    • A pillow (required if staying overnight)
    • No shoes are allowed in the meditation room. We require wearing socks for comfort. When entering the room your shoe must be in your hands and placed beside you once you are seated.
    • Cellphones must be on silent mode and no cellphone conversation while in the room.
What does a session look like?

Sessions are booked for 2 hour minimums with gravity chairs, where you can recline and relax.

While there may be other individuals in the system with you, we encourage you to take the time to go inward and relax.

Dim lights (outside of the machines) and ambient music will set the tone to fully surrender and let go.

How long does s typical session last and how many do I need?

EESystem sessions are booked for 2-hour minimums. 2-hour sessions are recommended to receive the optimal healing effects provided by the system.

The frequency of treatment depends on what you want to accomplish and how much Scalar Energy affects your body. Although this is difficult to quantify, the effects of the energy tend to be cumulative and, relative to one’s lifestyle, the benefits tend to keep building.

Are there any side effects?

The effects of sitting in the scalar energy are cumulative. The more you sit in it, the more the body moves towards a healthy level. The deeper you relax, the more profound the results. The response has been growing as individuals make the time to come in and experience this technology.

Some have had up to three sessions of experiencing detoxification symptoms. This can include anything from a foggy brain, headache, aches in the weak parts of your body, or loose bowel movements.

Eventually, your sessions become only relaxing and meditative. Others come in and find it peaceful and extremely relaxing the first time they experience it.

How can I expect to feel during the treatment?

People have commented that they are surprised how their brain shuts off and clears and how deeply relaxed they feel within minutes.

Some individuals report feeling a subtle tingly sensation immediately upon entering the room.

Afterward, many people report immediately feeling energized, improved sleep and simply feeling “good” and ready to conquer their week.

What are some of the reported benefits?

Traditional medicine has not been able to find cures for some of the Western World’s most serious diseases. Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease, and Diabetes, to name a few, continue to baffle health care practitioners. With the discovery of new technologies such as the EESystem, there is hope for creating an environment where true, lasting, and vibrant health can flourish.


  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy and physical stamina
  • Increased calmness, peace, and harmony
  • Balanced left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Improved performance, concentration, and focus
  • Mental flexibility and clarity
  • Improved mental health and elevated mood
  • Reduced effects of past traumas
  • Improved response to stress
  • Rapid post-surgical healing
  • Improved ability to live in “the now”
  • Enhanced learning capabilities and neurological function
  • Improved self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love
  • Relief from pain
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Peak performance
  • Detoxification
  • Improved blood profiles
  • Natural healing and rejuvenation
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration and DNA repair
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Increased creative intelligence
  • Deep meditative relaxation
  • Major benefits for diabetes and neuropathy
  • Oxygenates blood and improves circulation
How can I make my session benefits last even longer?

The scalar waves nullify the electro pollution in our environment. This includes the electromagnetic waves from cell phones, televisions, computer screens, power lines, toxins, pollution, radiation, and microwaves.

A piece of scalar technology has been embedded into medallions that can be worn or carried when not using the EESystem. These medallions create a five-foot cocoon around the body, creating a buffer to your environment by nullifying the electro pollution.

Also, when you are not in the rejuvenating fields of the EESystem, the EEMedallion offers easy and ongoing support.

People who have purchased these medallions have had numerous results. Individuals report elevated energy levels, better sleep, improvement with headaches, and reduction in chronic pain.

Wearing the medallion surrounds your body with the scalar energy which charges your cells and puts you into a charged, healthy energy on a daily basis.

Are there any rules for sessions that I should be aware of?
  • Be mindful when coming into the building and into the EE System space. Soft voices are kindly requested.
  • Please put your cell phones on silent
  • Be careful while moving about in the EE System. The screen towers are precisely aligned.
  • Please do not rearrange the furniture.
  • The best way to experience the benefits of the EE System is to rest and relax. Sleeping, meditating & silent prayer are wonderful ways to spend your time.
  • Feel free to use the bathroom during your session, we just ask that you are quiet when opening and closing the door.
  • Please no food in the EE System.
  • There is a lounge area at the back of the room to utilize if you would like to eat or take a break
  • Obey all signs
What can I do after a session?

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael recommends that you do a 30 minute detox bath with the following ingredients. If you do not have access to a bath you can do a 30 minutes foot bath with half the quantities which can be very supportive.

Salt Bath Protocol (Can be purchased at the front desk)

Sea Salt (pulls out toxins)

Baking Soda (neutralize toxins, balance PH)

Mule Team Borax (great for bones, cartilage, heavy metal detoxing)

Hypercharged EE Salt (binds toxins so they aren’t reabsorbed by the skin, helps you sweat to push out more toxins)

Optional to add

Pine Oil or other essentials

2 cups food grade hydrogen Peroxide

She also recommends eating a clean diet, organic fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

What if I have an emergency and have to change my appointment?

If you have something come up where you have to cancel or change your appointment, you need to let us know at least 48 hours in advance. At that point you have the option of rescheduling your appointment in a time slot that is available by emailing us at or contact us by phone at 513-926-3912.